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MB BIM works with the GC and / or concrete trade contractor to provide total station layout data (points) and point maps. The coordinates we provide come directly from the concrete geometry that has been modeled, coordinated and approved through the concrete lift drawings or slab embed plate submittals.

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This service includes

  • Work with the GC and/or concrete subcontractor to align the concrete geometry to the site control points.

  • Work with the concrete subcontractor to provide points at the desired locations including controls, grid intersections, concrete edges, centerlines, etc.

  • Provide .dwg, .dxf, .csv, .xlsx, or other compatible formats to be loaded into total station for layout.

  • Provide point maps indicating every point location

  • Coordinate points with approved concrete lift drawings and / or slab coordination drawings*

*Note that in order to get the most out of this service, total station layouts need to be created in addition to the concrete lift drawings and/or slab coordination drawings. Otherwise the points are only as good as the files provided to MB BIM to layout the points.

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The advantages of this service include

  • First and foremost, there is an obvious time and quality savings using a total station to layout the concrete geometry versus the traditional tape measure. Using coordinates and total station point files provided from the coordinated model allows the layout crew to spend less time creating their layout files and more time laying out.

  • Using coordinates and total station point files provided from the coordinated model reduces cost and duplication of work because it takes the responsibility of figuring out and coordinating the concrete geometry off the layout crew. Since the coordinates are based on the approved and coordinated concrete model (drawings), the layout crew need not spend time coordinating design drawings.

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An additional advantage of this service is

  • Through the coordination, modeling and submittal process, the GC can ensure that the concrete geometry meets the design intent (see concrete lift drawings).  In turn, the total station layout coordinates will match the design intent.

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