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MB BIM models all elements embedded in slabs from various trade shop drawings (steel embeds, glazing anchors, PT anchors, stair and elevator embeds, handrail attachments, studrails, roof anchors, window washing system anchors, hoisting embeds, and any other systems). We link PT shop drawings and MEP sleeves into our model and drawings to aid in the coordination effort. Through the modeling process, we identify coordination issues between embeds from different systems, conflicts with MEP sleeves and blockouts, and busts with the detailed concrete geometry.



In addition to modeling from trade shop drawings, MB BIM uses our design background to review and QC design documents to ensure embed shop drawings from various trades aren't missing content. We facilitate coordination meetings to review issues, and issue 'For Review' drawings and RFI's to resolve conflict with the design and trade subcontractors.  Once issues are resolved, 'For Construction' slab coordination drawings are issued, along with Total Station files for layout.


The advantages of this service include

  • Minimize delays by resolving coordination issues through the modeling process, instead of in the field. Often these issues are uncovered during installation, and the project teams needs to wait on RFI responses and coordination with the design team. Also, our slab coordination drawings keep field crews efficient by having all content in one place, rather than QC'ing layout against numerous sets of shop drawings.

  • Reduce potential costs of fabricating new embeds and attachments for field conditions that can't be installed correctly. Avoid having rework in the field and that associated labor costs.


An additional advantage of this service is​

  • Increased construction quality through comprehensive slab coordination drawings that provide a 'single source of truth' for everything needing to be installed in the slab. This allows the field to focus on quality control processes and avoids field-modifications of conditions to get a working solution.

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