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MB BIM reviews all design models including architectural, structural and MEP. We check them for completion and accuracy within an eye towards missing or incorrect content that will cause coordination issues during construction. Our team checks that items shown in the 2D details and not modeled in 3D will not affect above ceiling coordination. We account for items like duct and pipe insulation, and trapeze hangers that are not typically modeled by design teams.


MB BIM uses Navisworks Manage and construction experience to identify issues at the design phase, in order to aid the design team in producing more constructible design documents. We also provide visual inspections of the combined models, using our construction experience and thorough checklists. Through this process, issues are identified during design (when the cost of changes is low), instead of during construction (when the cost of changes is high). After review and clash detection, we prepare and deliver a clear and concise report that identifies items that need further coordination or re-work, indicating the issue, affected disciplines, and reference sheets in the design drawings.


The advantages of this service include:

  • Reduce the number of ASI's, Addendum's, and PR's that are issued after CD's (and the change orders associated with them) by pushing the construction coordination effort up into the design timeframe.

  • Minimize delays in the construction schedule by identifying and resolving coordination issues before construction processes have started, due to field coordination and questions that have been addressed during design. Increase field productivity with better quality design drawings

  • Minimize rework, and the associated costs, by the construction team due to design conflicts that are caught too late. Less RFI's are issued during construction, reducing field delays.

MB BIM Logo.png