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MB BIM works with general contractors and trade subcontractors to identify, test, and implement technology solutions that help our clients work more efficiently. Our goal is to help our clients successfully bring innovation to construction processes. We are construction technology experts with experience in areas such as BIM/VDC, project and document management systems, virtual and augmented reality, reality capture, and 4D simulations.


Our team constantly researches and tests various construction technology and software to understand advantages and disadvantages. Through our industry contacts, we understand what is hype, and what has real advantages. We work with your team to identify business processes that technology can improve. We then test solutions with your team and pilot projects to ensure integration with other processes and departments. Finally, we train staff to ensure adoption of technologies and proper implementation.


The advantages of this service include

  • Reduce overall project cost by utilizing technology to make staff more efficient, lower risk, and minimize rework

  • Increase quality control through BIM and VDC technology

  • Increase efficiencies through prefabrication

MB BIM Logo.png