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MB BIM designs and details cold-formed steel framing, providing stamped drawings and calculations for framing subcontractors and general contractors. We use 3D models and incorporate every stud, track, joist, shear wall, and connection element for these systems:

  • Load bearing walls

  • Curtain walls

  • Interior walls

  • Shear walls

  • Joist framed floors


Using BIM processes results in better coordinated designs that can be used for accurate bills of material and coordination with designers and other trade contractors. The advantages of this service include:

  • Communicate critical framing elements such as jambs and headers and top of wall conditions to  other trade contractors

  • Identify ambiguities and design conflicts early in projects

  • Increase field labor productivity with coordinated, clear, and comprehensive installation drawings

  • Develop pre-fabricated panel drawings with complete material lists for offsite construction

  • Export complete material QTOs and material cut lists

MB BIM Logo.png