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MB BIM facilitates the setup and installation of solar-powered site webcams to provide project stakeholders and the public with real-time high quality photos of site conditions and installed work. These photos can be downloaded, shared, and compiled to create a time-lapse video of construction progress. We will provide a public link that displays real-time site photos for public relations, off-site share holder communication, and marketing uses.


This service includes

  • Setup the web camera and its corresponding software

  • Facilitate the installation of the webcam and corresponding solar panel onsite in a strategic location

  • Provide a public link for access to the most recent photo taken on site

  • Troubleshoot any hardware or software issues that may arise during the project duration

  • Provide a packaged deliverable upon project completion of photos taken and time-lapse video


Advantages of this service include:

  • Provide the ability for offsite stakeholders (owners, designers, subcontractors) to quickly assess the current conditions on-site. Provide the public with constant updates of progress to prove the responsible use of public funds or communicate how the site is interacting with surrounding areas.

  • Record on-site conditions for weather-delay claims and historic databases of projects

  • Broadcast project progress with a time-lapse video of the construction process of installed work for public relations or marketing purposes

  • Document the productivity and methods used for work installation occurring on site for historic scheduling data and future operations references.

MB BIM Logo.png