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MB BIM produces more accurate and faster quantity take-offs by using data from design Revit models, such as the architectural, MEP, and structural models. We review the design team's Revit models for accuracy and completion, checking that what is shown in the models correctly corresponds to the design drawings. Discrepancies are checked against the design drawings, and the model can be modified to match the bid documents. All elements in the model can be quantified, or only certain systems and components, such as those being priced as self-perform work. The quantities in the model for work that subcontractors are bidding can be quickly taken off to ensure that subcontractor pricing is accurate. 


MB BIM provides customizable visuals such as color-coded sheets showing the items quantified. Quantity tables for each system, trade, or component can be exported into spreadsheet format.

Advantages of this service include:

  • Provide more accurate take-offs, identify busts in the current take-off process, and generate exact quantities of the modeled elements using data from the model. The data and quantities come directly from the model with no fluff, rounding or fat finger errors that may come from pulling information of the drawings and inputting into a spreadsheet.

  • Reduce take-off time by quickly creating tables based on the model data using the schedule function in Revit

  • Use model comparison tools to quickly check what is changed in model updates.

MB BIM Logo.png