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MB BIM works with general contractors and trade subcontractors to model and create shop drawings for a variety of building components and systems. Examples of these are casework, landscape features, custom marble, prefabricated headwalls, and above-ceiling support systems. We use design drawings and specifications as input, coordinate the trade content required and flush out conflicts or missing information in design drawings.


We also work with the trade contractor to ensure constructability and prefabrication needs are considered. Our team models the trade content and builds it virtually, ensuring the accuracy and integration with other building components and systems.  From these models, we then create shops drawings, to be used for submittal to the design team or for prefabrication of the components.


The advantages of this service include:

  • Model trade content to allow trades to have a 'seat at the coordination table' and make sure their systems aren't the last in line to go in

  • Increase the ability to prefabricate components by having models that ensure they are coordinated with model content from other components

  • Produce higher quality shop drawings generated from models to enhance communication and coordination with design team through the submittal process

  • Reduce the cost of rework by having better coordinated shop drawings

MB BIM Logo.png