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MB BIM provides full 3D scan to BIM services. We use laser scanners to create detailed and precise point clouds of existing spaces. These point clouds can then be used to generate 3D models for coordination,  analysis, and documentation purposes. Having highly accurate 3D data enables the contractor to better plan how future installed work will interact and be coordinated with existing elements. This valuable data can then be used by owners to manage their building's facilities or plan future renovations. We have to flexibility to deploy different laser scanning techniques to match the detail needed and budget constraints of your project.


This service includes

  • Consultation on the right scanning and modeling solution for your project's goals and budget

  • Execute laser scans of spaces of any size to generate highly accurate point clouds

  • Quickly develop precise models based off of the point cloud and high definition imagery

  • Coordinate interactions between existing scanned elements and work to be installed

  • Analysis of floor flatness and levelness

  • Package developed point clouds and models into a deliverable for the owner to be utilized for facilities management or future renovations.


Advantages of this service include

  • Increase quality by planning how validated existing conditions will interact with new installed work. Models generated from laser scanned point-clouds enable subcontractors to coordinate their planned work with existing elements and determine tie-in points with existing systems. Floor analysis allows contractors to confirm floor flatness and levelness for critical equipment or finishes prior to installation.

  • Reduce costs by having the flexibility to choose the laser scanning solutions for your project. Highly detailed scans often require a significant time and cost investment but may not be necessary for the goals of your project. MB BIM offers low-cost quick scans that maintain sufficient detail for coordination and as-built efforts.


Additional advantages of this services include:

  • Compress schedules by enabling subcontractors to prefabricate systems without the associated risks of coordinating work in the field

  • Provide the owner with an accurate as-built model for future facilities management or renovation uses. 2D as-built drawings often don’t include all the information needed to plan for renovations or evaluate existing facilities management. MB BIM provides an accessible point cloud and model deliverable that extensively describe the 3D as-built environment.

MB BIM Logo.png