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MB BIM uses drones to capture images, videos, orthomosaic maps, point clouds, and models of construction sites. The dynamic, high-definition images and videos captured during drone flights can be easily shared and utilized for marketing and public relation purposes. These orthomosaic maps, 3D models and point clouds generated from drone flight are used throughout the project to verify work has been installed correctly, analyze site logistics and safety hazards, and manage materials and resources.

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This service includes:

  • Drone flights executed on a regular basis by a FAA-Certified Drone Pilot

  • High-quality aerial photos taken from consistent vantage points so they can be compared over time

  • High-definition video from a flight path that moves along the boundary of the site to encompass the entire site

  • Orthomosaiac maps of the site that can be used for shop drawing overlays to check the quality of installed work, site logistic and safety hazard planning, or as-built documentation.

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​Additional services include:

  • Progress PDFs including consistent aerial photos and videos that can easily be shared with project stakeholders

  • Site work maps that can be used for earthwork volume calculations and analysis

  • 3D models of installed work

  • As-built documentation of building slabs, roofs, or facades

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The advantages of this services include:

  • Reduction of rework: The comprehensive data collected during drone flights can be used to verify the correct installation of work at critical points in construction. Confirm the locations of embeds, sleeves, stud-rails, and post tension strands prior to slabs being poured.

  • Monitor Progress: The drone flights provide project stakeholders with frequent and extensive videos and images of construction progress and changing site conditions. MBBIM provides consistent high-quality imagery of projects that is easily accessible for marketing and public relations purposes.

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An additional advantages of this service:

  • Resource management: Updated photomosaic drone maps are used to manage GC's sites resources and logistics. They also clearly communicate with subcontractors the site's shifting material storage, site access, and safety hazards. Aerial site surveys produce comprehensive earthwork volume calculations and analysis.

MB BIM Logo.png
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