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MB BIM works with owners and developers to create new or populate existing models with data to assist in facilities management. Models can be created from scratch using as-built documents and O&M manuals, or existing models from design or construction teams can be populated with relevant data. Information for asset tracking can be kept 'live' in models rather than tracked with spreadsheet and PDF's. The models can also be integrated to send data to work order management software. Operations and maintenance information for equipment can be populated in the models or hyperlinked to PDF's, allowing the models to be the hub for all needed information.


The models can be integrated with existing facilities management software or set up for new 3D facilities management software that leverages models that are created during design and construction processes. Models can be easily navigated on site with iPads or desktop viewers, and data can be accessed quickly and intuitively. MB BIM also provides training for building operations staff to ensure the models can be effectively utilized on site.


The advantages of this service include

  • Leverage the models and data created during the design and construction processes for use through the lifecycle of the building

  • Increase the efficiency of building operations staff by embedding useful data within 3D models

  • Digitize asset tracking processes

  • Provide better as-built information for future renovation projects

MB BIM Logo.png