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MB BIM uses 360° cameras to document as-built conditions of in-wall and above ceiling mechanical, electric, and plumbing trades prior to them being covered up. We tie these 360° photos and videos to a cloud based drawing set where photos are easily accessible, sharable, and organized. By documenting MEP trade elements at critical times, future rework is reduced and delay claims, trade damage, and warranty issues can be validated.


This also provides off-site stakeholders with an effective communication tool that quickly describes on-site conditions and how they are evolving. Similarly, an accurate as-built deliverable for the owner helps them track future facilities management, coordination, and renovation processes.

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360° photos and web software allow for production tracking of visible scopes of work in an organized and seamless process. 


Services provided in this scope include:

  • Procure and setup 360° camera and necessary accessories

  • Setup cloud based project site to host drawings and photos

  • Provide training for on-site partners to take 360° photos, upload them to the cloud, and manage drawings and photos. Train off-site partners to view, share, and comment on photos.


​Additional services include:

  • Develop photo documentation schedules and drawings to ensure MEP content is documented after installation is complete, but before it is covered by insulation or drywall

  • Take 360° photos of the project during critical milestones (i.e. structure completion, MEP In-Wall complete)

  • Provide technical support for the operation of the 360° camera and cloud-based management software

  • Close out projects and assist in providing offline as-built deliverables for owners


The advantages of this service include:

  • Accurate As-Built Documentation: Documenting critical MEP trades prior to them being covered up not only validates delay claims,  records trade damage, and provides resolutions to warranty issues during construction, but it also provides owners with an offline deliverable for future use. The model comparison tool within the software enables GC's to contrast install condition to as-coordinated condition from the Navisworks sign-off model.

  • Off-site Communication Tool: For partners that are not on-site every day, having access to on-site conditions reduces the amount of site visits necessary and eliminates the need for emails and phone calls to describe the environment surrounding an issue.


Additional advantages of this service include

  • Reduced Rework: Progress documentation of installed trades minimizes the amount of dry-wall or concrete that needs to be demolished and re-installed in order to determine the location and condition of underlying content.

  • Automated production tracking: Automatically generated data of production rates for visible trades such as framing and drywall is created with artificial intelligence that analyzes 360o photos and records what work has been installed.

MB BIM Logo.png