Our Process


We provide exceptional, individualized consulting service, with a focus on technical excellence and attention to client-specific needs. We believe that the best way to meet a clients expectations is to fully understand their processes and structure.


We help identify where improvements can be made through the implementation of Building Information Model (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technology, and execute a strategy that is designed to achieve project and client-specific goals. We facilitate this process by working on-site, alongside our clients whenever possible.


This on-site personal service optimizes the efforts of architects and engineers who are interested in achieving productivity gains through implementation of BIM technology or simply need production services. Our experience in training and modeling can dramatically enhance any design office's BIM/VDC capabilities. We are also able to enhance the value that our clients can bring to a project team by working with them to identify and implement BIM/VDC solutions that can benefit the entire project team.


We have experienced the quantifiable returns that an embedded approach can bring to projects that have scheduling constraints or could benefit by reducing or eliminating the lag time between the completion of design and the start of fabrication and construction. In this capacity, we embed ourselves into a design office with the objective of creating a link that enables an efficient transition from design to fabrication to construction. As design nears completion, we work alongside the structural engineer to generate fabrication drawings for reinforcing or structural steel, which are reviewed by the Engineer of Record (EOR) concurrent with or shortly after design deadlines. The fabrication drawings are then issued to the General Contractor (GC) pre-approved. This provides a substantial time and cost savings for any project. Additionally, our background as former consulting structural engineers gives us the opportunity to effectively work alongside the EOR, incorporating GC, fabricator, and installer preferences where possible.