Fabrication Modeling and Shop Drawings

Precast Concrete


For precast concrete fabricators and precast specialty engineers, we create fabrication-level models of precast concrete elements and their connection elements.  From these models we create shop drawings, erection drawings, and piece drawings with details, while leveraging the parametric data in the models for design, production, shipping, and erection.

  • Enhance coordination by using precast fabrication models to coordinate against architectural models and those of the other trades.

  • Reduce cost by minimizing precast fabrication errors and missing embeds and connection elements.

  • Improve productivity by using one model and its data for design, production, shipping, and erection.

Structural Steel

We use steel detailing software to create fabrication models and shop drawings for structural steel and miscellaneous metals.  We are typically engaged for this service on fast-track projects for which steel detailing needs to begin before design is completed, so we can work side-by-side with design teams to streamline the detailing process and provide schedule savings.

  • Compress schedule by engaging us to detail structural steel while the design team is still designing

  • Reduce cost by having steel fabricators bid on a more complete and defined scope of work

We create 3D parametric rebar models, generating rebar placement drawings and fabrication data directly from them. We also facilitate coordination between the General Contractor, Fabricator, Installer, and Engineer of Record to incorporate project and shop specific efficiencies into the design and ultimately the installation.

  • Reduce rebar fabrication and installation costs by 10-15% by modeling rebar and contracting on a unit price basis.

  • Increase field labor productivity by letting us identify and resolve rebar congestion issues virtually.

  • Enhance coordination by having all rebar modeled and incorporated into coordination models.

Rebar Modeling and Shop Drawings