EVIVA Cherokee

Eviva Cherokee is an 18 story tower composed of 274 apartments featuring a sun-deck, fitness center, and swimming pool.  Designed as a post-tensioned structure, MB BIM worked closely with Baker Concrete to develop a set of core wall lift drawings.  We also collaborated with the Beck Group to coordinate the locations of post-tensioned anchors and embed plates for steel, handrails, and glass.


Baker Concrete Construction

Beck Group

Services Provided:

eviva cherokee.jpg
ROC Full Height Walls 8.4.15 Page 001.jpg
R14 - 13th and Cherokee Lift Model DETACHED 7.26.jpg
R15 - 13th and Cherokee Lift Model DETACHED 8.jpg
ROC Embeds 1
ROC Embeds 2
ROC Embeds 3