Engineering and Modeling Support

As licensed professional structural engineers in the State of Colorado with years of structural consulting engineering experience, we are capable of being a dynamic, creative, and technically sophisticated part of your design team.

  • Reduce cost by hiring us, rather than large firms with high overhead, to be your partner on design projects.

  • Enhance coordination by hiring a structural consultant who can quickly produce detailed and accurate Revit models.

Structural Engineering


Construction Engineering


We have become the 'on-call structural engineers' for several of our General Contractor clients. We provide stamped drawings and calculations for embed plate design, curtain wall design, construction fixes, steel connection design, tower crane foundations, and formwork design.

  • Compress your schedule by hiring us to design alternate field fixes for your structural issues, rather than wait for the structural Engineer of Record to come up with a fix.

  • Reduce cost by engaging us to help you propose alternate structural solutions that are backed by calculations and stamped drawings.


We can help you create custom model content, model challenging areas of a project to help mitigate risk from lacking design drawings, or use models as a means to study alternative solutions to complex construction problems.

  • Enhance coordination by engaging us to use models as a means to figure out complicated areas or areas with lacking information on design drawings

  • Reduce cost by using models to figure out construction complexities before they become field problems

Custom Modeling Services


Cold-Formed Metal Framing

As licensed structural engineers, we provide cold-formed metal framing design and detailing services, complete with stamped drawings and calculations.  We use 3D models for this work, resulting in a better coordinated design that can also be used for accurate bills of material and coordination with design team models.