Concrete Services

We create concrete lift drawings from our model, incorporating pour break locations, embeds from various trades, MEP blockouts, and accessories required for various formwork systems.  Throughout this process, we coordinate design drawings an search for constructability issues, keeping in constant contact with the contractor to discover where additional information is needed from designers.

  • Increase field labor productivity with coordinated, clear, and comprehensive concrete lift drawings.

  • We enhance coordination by coordinating design drawings virtually with our 3D model.

  • Mitigate field delays and reduce costs from embed errors and coordination busts.

Concrete Lift Drawings



Rebar Modeling and Shop Drawings

We create 3D parametric rebar models, generating rebar placement drawings and fabrication data directly from them. We also facilitate coordination between the General Contractor, Fabricator, Installer, and Engineer of Record to incorporate project and shop specific efficiencies into the design and ultimately the installation.

  • Reduce rebar fabrication and installation costs by 10-15% by modeling rebar and contracting on a unit price basis.

  • Increase field labor productivity by letting us identify and resolve rebar congestion issues virtually.

  • Enhance coordination by having all rebar modeled and incorporated into coordination models.

Embed Plate Coordination Drawings

From the shop drawings from your other subcontractors, we model embeds for steel framing and miscellaneous metals, stair and elevators, precast, curtainwall and storefront, roof davits, handrails, PT anchors, and anything else cast or shot into the concrete.  We then use this model to coordinate conflicts and missing embeds.  We also provide a comprehensive embed placement drawing for each floor with all embeds shown and dimensioned in one place.

  • Increase field labor productivity with coordinated, clear, and comprehensive embed placement drawings.

  • Reduce cost from expensive embed placement errors and conflicts.

  • Mitigate schedule delays caused by missing embeds.

  • We enhance coordination by coordinating embeds from all trades against each other along with the structure and architecture.