3D Coordination

Navisworks MEP Coordination

We use Navisworks to coordinate MEFP, architectural, and structural models for general contractors.  We work as an extension of the GC's internal staff to QC architectural and structural models, and coordinate those with the models provided by their MEFP subcontractors.  We run weekly clash detection and coordination meetings and work with the subs until all levels and areas of the models are coordinated to sign-off.

  • Enhance coordination by combining MEFP subcontractors models with architecture and structure

  • Compress schedule by identifying and resolving coordination issues virtually instead of in the field

  • Reduce cost by avoiding re-work associated with coordination busts that are identified too late

Instead of building mock-ups of difficult construction sequences in the field, we can provide virtual mock-ups at these locations to reduce cost and time. We coordinate and sequence the elements in these models to mimic the actual construction sequence, identify potential conflicts and problems, and use the model as a tool to work with the GC and their subcontractors to solve problems virtually before they become problems in the field.

  • Enhance coordination between trades by using the virtual mock-up to identify constructibility issues virtually

  • Compress schedule mitigating crew sequencing issues by studying them via a virtual model

  • Improve productivity of field crews by identifying and resolving complicated details before any installation occurs

Virtual Mock-Ups



2D Drawings to 3D Model Conversion



We take 2D drawings from design teams and subcontractors and build a 3D parametric model from those drawings to the required level of detail.  We offer this service for structural and architectural models.

  • Enhance coordination by generating architectural and structural models used to coordinate with models from MEFP subs

  • Improve coordination by creating models as a means to identify missing and conflicting information in design drawings

  • Reduce cost by identifying coordination issues via the models before work in the field has begun

Pine Ridge Navisworks
Virtual Construction Sequencing

We can utilize 4-Dimensional modeling to integrate Revit, Navisworks, and project scheduling software in order to create a virtual sequence of building construction.  This allows for clients to visualize their plans for construction, better identify critical path items, and aid visual crew sequencing and site logistics plans.

  • Compress schedule by linking project schedules to model elements and animating sequencing studies

  • Improve field productivity by sharing crew sequencing constraints to subcontractors visually though animations